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Mobile Radio Communications Sales & Service for Western Canada

Based in Abbotsford British Columbia

  • Mobile Radios for Commerce & Industry
  • Radios for sale in Western Canada
  • Communications equipment sales Vancouver
  • Mobile Radios for Logging
  • Mobile Radio sales Vancouver Island
  • Communications equipment sales Sunshine Coast
  • Lower Mainland Communications equipment sales
  • Mobile Radios for Industry
  • Marine Mobile Radio sales
  • Motorola dealer British Columbia
  • ICOM Radio dealer British Columbia
  • Kenwood radio dealer British Columbia
  • Radio sales Vancouver



New & Used
Radio Sales & Repair

For the The Lower Mainland
Vancouver Island
Sunshine Coast

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New Icom Radios
Used Motorola - Kenwood - Icom Radios

Mobile Radio Systems for:
Construction - Industry - Logging - Marine

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Portable Radios
Marine Radio sales
CB Radios
Used Radios
Perm mount radios

Servicing: Motorola - Kenwood & Icom
Mobile installations
Radio Towers
Commercial installations

SunCom Wireless stocks a complete line of antennas and hardwear!

SunCom Wireless

Sales & Service of mobile radio communications equipment for Western Canada
Abbotsford - Vancouver - Vancouver Island - Sunshine Coast - British Columbia

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SunCom Wireless Radios for Canadians
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